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Name: Threat Intelligence Briefing - Barron (Cancelled)
Date(s): 8/16/2018 Category: Operations/Technology, Security
Price: $29 per registrant Type: Round Table
Location: Sterling Bank
234 E. LaSalle Ave
Barron, WI 54812
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CT

Network with your peers on information technology issues and pain points in your bank.

Facilitated by FIPCO’s Director IT Audit, Ken Shaurette, this event will be held in a round table discussion format designed to give all attendees a forum for networking and discussing the issues that each of you may be facing, with everyone encouraged to share experiences and learn from one another.

Sample Discussion topics could include:

  • Cybersecurity Assessment – Are you Ready? Can you be Ready?     
  • Pros and Cons of Cybersecurity Assessment Tools – Alternatives!!
  • Social Media
  • What’s New and Hot with IT Exams?
  • Recent Scams - Incidents – Threat Intelligence
  • IT Audit and Risk Management Planning  - Risk Focused Scoping an IT Audit
  • Vendor Management and Appendix J Business Continuity Testing
  • Is it possible to ace an IT Exam?
  • Cybersecurity Training for Management and Board Reporting

Space is limited and registration is required. Lunch will be provided following the discussion.

Note: If the need to cancel after registration, please contact FIPCO Sales at least two business days prior to the IT Round Table for a full refund.

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"(did you find the sessions helpful/relevant) "Yes! I'm newer to the new accounts area and I've learned a lot. This was very helpful." and re: the IRAs and HSAs are not as scary as you think session "I learned a lot and came away with knowledge about a topic that will help me help our customers with future accounts." "

- Ashley Thurston, Union State Bank, West Salem


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