Wisconsin Financial Institution Directory

2018 Edition

          Updated Resource for Bankers, Directors and Vendors
          The new 2017 edition, only a limited quantity is available.
          For years, bank employees have depended on FIPCO’s Wisconsin Financial Institutions Directory for reliable information about the state’s depository institutions. That comprehensive index has been revised into a more streamlined format: the American Financial Directory®. This directory is ad-free, and features the same collection of institution information, without the distraction of advertisements and non-bank information.

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        The new annual directory has the most current Wisconsin financial institution information, including every depository institution and branch in the state, listed by city. The handy size (4½” x 9”) includes almost 300 pages of directory listings. Bank staff will use the directory for essential task such as verifying funds transfer information, finding peer contacts, staying up-to-date on competitors, and looking up office hours.

        Information listed for each institution includes:

        • Charter, institution type
        • Institution name changes
        • Principal correspondents
        • Key officer contacts
        • Board of Directors
        • Fed telegraph name
        • Funds processing/transfer information
        • Location and number of branches
        • Year established
        • Financial information
        • Association membership
        • Holding company name and city
        • Street, mailing address
        • Head office banking hours
        • And more…

        NOTE: Prices do not include cost of shipping or taxes. Contact Financial Institutions Product Corporation (FIPCO®) Customer Service at 1-800/722-3498 or FIPCO Sales with any questions.

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        "Being a Financial Link®/LoanCalc processor since Jan. 1994, I must admit I was nervous about changing to Compliance Concierge™. The support provided by FIPCO is just as good today as it has been all of these years. I always feel confident that I will get an answer to any question or problem that I may have. Our bank is very comfortable with Compliance Concierge™ and we feel that it is working well for our bank. Thanks to all support people, you are all very kind and helpful."

        - Debbie Kreibich, Black River Country Bank Melrose