ATM Access Program

Join with other Wisconsin community banks to provide your customers surcharge free ATMs across the state.

Would your customers get excited if they had access to several hundred surcharge-free ATMs where they live, work and travel?

ATM Access is your low cost solution. Offered exclusively to members of the Wisconsin Bankers Association through FIPCO, it is an alliance of community banks that have joined together to provide surcharge-free cash withdrawals at over 650 ATM Access locations across Wisconsin and Minnesota.

You may participate in the ATM Access program as a WBA member whether you have ATM machines or not, for a nominal initial and annual cost.

Once your bank joins, your customers will discover how easy it is to find the over 650 ATM Access locations. While a printed directory is available for you to distribute to bank customers, we also developed free Android and Apple Apps so your customers will conveniently find a surcharge-free ATM from their mobile phone or other device wherever they travel in these two states.

Take advantage of this tremendous benefit for your customers, and join over 100 other community banks already in the program, by signing up today!

Contact FIPCO for additional information. Click here to order the ATM Access Directory or go to the ATM Access Finder


"During the IT Audit, not only did Ken show us how to preclude risks to our institution, but he also told us what not to worry about. Ken has contacted me on repeated occasions to let me know about something that may affect our institution. It's nice to know that this is an ongoing relationship."

- Mike Lee, First National Bank at Darlington