Hard Copy Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) Forms

Hard Copy FormsAll WBA Hard Copy Forms are developed and reviewed by the WBA Drafting Team in conjunction with legal counsel, helping to assure compliance with State and Federal Regulations.

As a reminder, most forms produced by vendors are covered by copyright. This includes forms produced by Financial Institution Products Corporation® (FIPCO). Reproduction of a form protected by copyright, by any means or method, is a violation of law unless the form producer holding the copyright provides express permission for the form to be reproduced.In order to maintain the protections copyright affords, violations are pursued by the form producer and can be quite costly to the person or entity committing the violation. Thus, users of forms must not reproduce forms by any means unless permitted to do so by the producer of the form.

The Hard Copy Forms List details the current status of WBA forms available in Hard Copy. The report uses a "Check" mark to note forms that are currently under revision. FIPCO advises not ordering more than a several month supply of forms that are "under revision". The report contains an "Updated XXXX" date line in the top right corner of page one.

Hard Copy Forms List


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- Mike Lee, First National Bank at Darlington