Credit Bureau Reporting

Factual DataFactual Data

Factual Data provides web-based credit reporting services using Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax reporting agencies. They can provide a credit report in an easy-to-read format that contains reports from one or all three credit bureaus. Factual Data can also return a FICO score and an OFAC check with each bureau. Once the Factual Data report is received, the liability information is extracted from the report and populates the liability screen in Compliance Concierge™ Loans and Mortgage. It also interfaces with the deposit module.

A Flood Certification Module is also available and interfaces with the Compliance Concierge Loan and Mortgage products. For additional information and pricing on the flood module, please contact FIPCO Customer Service at 1-800/722-3498 or send your request to FIPCO Sales.

Customized Credit Reporting Available with Web-Based Software

"As a user of Compliance Concierge™ software, we appreciate the consistency, reliability and compliance that this system offers. After the completion of our recent FDIC Compliance exam, the examiner gave us KUDOS and said that we were one of the most compliant banks so far!"

- Jennifer, TSB Bank