a Webex Support Session.  webex

Webex is a tool FIPCO® uses for customer support and technical troubleshooting. It allows FIPCO support staff to start a Webex support call where the customer’s computer can be controlled from FIPCO via the Internet. This tool can be used to perform training sessions, demonstrate software, and to solve customer support calls. Both parties view the same information and the users can have an interactive session with the FIPCO support specialist, thus making it an excellent learning tool. The transactions performed are channeled through a secure server at the Webex sites throughout the United States.

The Webex session is very easy to setup. While on the phone with a FIPCO support specialist you will be directed to a website which will be used for viewing your computer. You will be prompted to enter your name and a session number given to you by the FIPCO software support specialist. You will then be prompted to allow a Webex security plug-in to be installed. This is a very small piece of software that attaches itself to your Internet web browser allowing an extra layer of security. The only time this plug-in is active is when you are using the Webex session. You will not experience anything different with the use of your computer or Internet during the session or after. Lastly, you will be prompted to allow desktop control be taken by the FIPCO support specialist. By accepting this, the FIPCO support specialist will take control of your computer and quickly analyze and remedy the issue. At this point, users may choose to watch the FIPCO support specialist do the work or may do other work while the FIPCO support specialist troubleshoots the issue.

There are a number of circumstances when Webex is useful. One example is a user who is experiencing a document printing incorrect data and calls FIPCO support. The FIPCO support specialist can set up a Webex session to view the software at the user’s location to resolve the issue. This infinitely speeds the process when the FIPCO support specialist can actually view what is displayed on the screen. FIPCO support specialists are also trained to notice error messages and other telltale signs while troubleshooting. Webex allows the ability to view these potential issue-solving clues.

Another instance when Webex is useful is while making Admin changes to the software. Users may require assistance in locating certain field default settings. Webex allows the FIPCO support specialist to view the PC and allows the user to take control so they may make the necessary changes.

In addition, the FIPCO Sales staff uses Webex to present demonstrations of Compliance Concierge™. The FIPCO Training staff is also using Webex for training sessions, and the FIPCO Technical Specialists use Webex to help maintain Compliance Concierge at a server level.

FIPCO continues to find new uses for Webex. You can put Webex to work the next time you need assistance from a FIPCO software support specialist.

"She said that no matter how busy the FIPCO staff must be, they all have time to help her in a friendly manner. "

- Carrie Vanderhoef, Fox River State Bank, Burlington