FIPCO Automated Voice Answering System

To assist you in obtaining accurate product and services support, FIPCO has prepared the following. When using FIPCO's automated voice answering system, you may enter your party's extension at any time. To access an employee directory, press 9. To view a staff directory online, click here.

The following menu options are available:

Dial - 1-800/722-3498

Option 1 - Hard Copy and Electronic Form Services and Accounts Receivables

Option 2 - Risk Assessment and Audit Services

Option 4 - Software and Technical Support, and Training

Option 5 - To leave a message for your Account Executive

1 - For Art Weber

2 - For Sally Michaels

3 - For Laurie Peck

# To return to the main menu

FIPCO office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm. Extended software support services are available Friday 4:30 pm - 8 pm and Saturday 8 am to 12 noon by dialing 1-800/722-3498.

"When I call the support department, I much prefer to get a live person rather than another menu option. It's so much nicer when you reach someone right away. And the support I've received has been great."

- Craig O'Leary, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Orfordville