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I Didn't Know FIPCO Offered That!

Here's a few things you might not know about FIPCO's loan and mortgage origination and deposit account opening software suite:
Compliance Concierge...

... is the only platform to include the trusted WBA Forms built right in.
... includes TISA Disclosures for inquiries and CD renewals.
... includes Customer Summary Reports for customer due diligence (BSA).
... offers Ascensus IRA, HSA and CESA  forms completed with WBA account opening documents.
... offer FIS QualifFile interface to verify customer does not have a history of negative banking relationships.
... provides various Account Maintenance options such as suspicious activity report, wire transfer requests, hold notices and more.
... comes with the best service around! You'll always speak immediately with one of FIPCO's knowledgeable staff or receive a callback within the hour for quick, friendly, and accurate compliance support.

Most importantly, Compliance Concierge is owned by FIPCO, empowering them to facilitate timely enhancements based on customer needs and feedback. To learn more or to schedule a personal product demonstration, call 800/722-3498 or contact

"There are so many great sessions at the software user conference, and if you can't be at them all, you can just refer back to your materials later. The book is very valuable and is a great tool to take back to work."

- Karla Knutson, Community Bank of Northern Wisconsin, Ridgeland