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Four Ways WBA Forms Offer Better Protection

Here are just four of the many ways that WBA Forms offer better protection for your bank than other national form providers:

  1. Attorneys working with FIPCO review decisions throughout the United States and when issues are presented in other states that could apply to Wisconsin; we revise the forms to anticipate the issues.
  2. The WBA supports the forms in cases brought by or against users of the forms by filing amicus (friend of the court) briefs upon approval by the WBA Board.
  3. The WBA in house legal staff and Boardman & Clark LLP are intimately familiar with the forms and the legal issues relating to the forms and are available to answer questions regarding the forms and use of the forms. The WBA also accepts and reviews user comments on the forms.
  4. The WBA forms are used by Boardman to document loans for their bank clients, so as attorneys drafting the forms, they address issues reflected in actual transactions
For more information contact FIPCO's Art Weber at 800/722-3498, ext. 254 or Sally Michaels at 800/722-3498, ext. 258. 
"There are so many great sessions at the software user conference, and if you can't be at them all, you can just refer back to your materials later. The book is very valuable and is a great tool to take back to work."

- Karla Knutson, Community Bank of Northern Wisconsin, Ridgeland