Coin & Currency Supplies


Performed Coin WrappersPreformed coin tubes (shotgun shells) have color-coded print and are crimped at one end. Each box has 1,000 wrappers

Quantity (order by box)
Shipping Included

                Brown paper  $18.79/box
                White paper   $19.26/box

Prices listed above are good for the following states: WI, IL, IA, MN, ND, SD & NE.
Prices for other states: $23.75 Brown & $24.75 White

                                  Ink color
Penny                   red 
          Nickel                   blue 
          Dime                    green
          Quarter                orange 
Half dollar            black 


Flat Coin WrappersFlat coin wrappers are printed on brown kraft paper with color-coded print. Open wrappers with a squeeze and fill by hand or machine. Each box has 1,000 wrappers.

Quantity (order by box)

                                  Ink color
Penny                   red 
          Nickel                   blue 
          Dime                    green
          Quarter                orange 
Half dollar            black 


Currency Straps


Currency straps are printed on white paper with color-coded print. Self-sealing strap ends close securely without sticking to the bills. Each box has 1,000 currency straps.

Quantity (order by box)

                 Ink color
$25                   black
$50                   orange
$100                 blue
$200                 green
$250                 pink
$500                 red
$2,000              violet
$5,000              brown
$10,000            mustard
Blanks              white


Continuous flat rolls made from white kraft paper with the denomination color-coded. Order by the case.

6.25" (500 ft.)  12 rolls/case     

8" (1,000 ft.)    8 rolls/case

COIN TRANSPORT/STORAGE BOXES - $25/pack (50 per pack)

Quantity (order by pack)

                           Ink Color
 Penny                     red
 Nickel                    blue
 Dime                      green
 Quarter                  orange

(All supplies are printed in standard ABA ink colors.)

(Prices listed do not include shipping, state or local taxes. Preformed wrappers include shipping.)

For more information contact FIPCO Forms 800/722-3498.

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